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The core of our work is on the premium games of European football. The games concerning 2 of the 60 European teams. The core of our work focuses on premier European football games. Every day, we conduct an in-depth study of the games of the day to choose the adequate games on which to play and by making predictions on several markets: i.e., 1X2, Both Teams to Score, Last Team to Score, most corners, exact score etc.)

A bankroll is the total amount of money on your betting website to place bets. It’s your budget. Managing your bankroll well is the basics of sports betting. It will lead to profits in the long term

Our predictions focus only on the premier football games. They are subdivided into 4 categories: The “safe” prediction: odd inferior to 2 The “semi-fun” prediction: odd between 2 and 2.5 The “fun” prediction: odd between 2.5 and 4.5 The “risky” prediction: odd superior to 4.5 The “safe” predictions are the most important. It’s with these predictions that you are going to raise your bankroll day after day. The 3 other types will also raise your bankroll in the long term despite their lower rate of success. It’s important to follow the stakes advised by Twelve a Side on each bet to make sure you make money in the long term. In general, the safe predictions are the ones on which we advise to play the biggest stake, followed by the semi-fun, the fun and finally the risky.

Twelve a Side is a professional betting advisory company. Our system of how to manage the stakes placed on each bet will guarantee you profits in the long term. Read the below in detail instructions, then all you’ll have to do is copy our predictions every day by following our percentage of stakes to be played on each bet. For all our predictions, we indicate a percentage of stake from your bankroll. Here are the instructions: a-Keep in mind that the amount to be played is a percentage of your bankroll: 1% of stake is a very small bet 2%-3% of stake is a small bet 4%-5% of stake is an average bet 6%-8% of stake is a big bet 9%-10% of stake is a very big bet >10% We never determine a percentage of stake that much important

There are 3 ways to manage a bankroll: -Safe: Follow our advice exactly in terms of stakes for each bet -Normal: You can multiply our advice by 2, in terms of percentage of bankroll to be played -Aggressive: You can multiply our advice by 3, in terms of percentage of bankroll to be played If you have a small bankroll (less than 500 Euros), we advise you to use the aggressive strategy. When you reach a bankroll of 1000 euros, you can switch to normal and for a bankroll larger than 2000 euros, you can switch to the safe strategy.

Twelve a Side is a football statistics company that offers a wide range of services: -Team comparison (free service) -Player comparison (free service) -Live and interactive statistics during the game (free service) -Blog (free service) -Predictions on premier football games (with the payment of a subscription) Based in Cyprus, Twelve A Side was founded by a former sports marketer and sports journalist, with 3 years of experience in betting advisory. The company utilizes outsourced teams dedicated to the technical and design aspects of the website as well as a team specialized in marketing.

For now, we are focused solely on football. But we will be diversifying to include other sports, such as tennis and basketball, in the next year.

BTTS: It’s a market to determine if yes or no both teams will score during the game LTTS: It’s a market to determine which team will be the last one to score a goal during the game

Of course. If you visit the Success Stories section of our website, you will find a list of all the predictions we have made every month, along with their outcomes. On the top of the page, you’ll find the return on investment you would have made if you strictly followed our advice.

You can contact us anytime on Facebook. Our team will answer to you in less than 24 hours.

We advice you to register to as much bookmakers as possible. The odds for a game on any market differ from a bookie to another. You should have the choice to play with the bookmaker offering the highest odd on the betting you want to place. Twelve a Side advices on the adequate bookmaker to play with on each tip we publish.

At Twelve a Side we are in permanence looking for value bets that will make our subscribers surely winning on the long term. A value bet is when the probability we expect for a tip to be successful multiplied by the odd is superior to 100. For example if there is a game between Real Madrid and Barcelona, we will first evaluate the chances of both of the teams to win and the probability of a draw. If it's 40% Real, 40% Barcelona and 20% draw we will then see the odds to determine the direction of our tip. If the odd for Real Madrid is 3, for Barca 2 and 3.5 for a draw, we will in this situation chose Real Madrid as 40%x3=1.2 which means there is an expected return of 20% on betting on Real Madrid in these types of situtions in the longer term. For Barcelona it's a negative expected return. Same for the draw.

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No, our predictions are reserved for our VIP members paying a subscription.

The predictions are published on the tipster page of the website Only VIP members paying a subscription can access this page. The live predictions are also published on the tipster page.

We publish our predictions every day, between 3pm and 6pm (Central European time). As soon as they are published a notification is sent to all the members of our Telegram group.

On average, we publish 5 predictions a day and 1 live prediction per day. 30% of the predictions are safe (odd inferior to 2), 30% are semi-fun predictions (odd between 2 and 2.5), 30% are fun predictions (odd between 2.5 and 4.5) and 10% are risky predictions (odd superior to 4.5).

Throughout the season, we offer several promotions (activated with a promo code) that will give you access to our predictions for just 1 Euro for the first month.

You can unsubscribe anytime. All our offers are without engagement.